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F&M Bank was founded in Timberville, Virginia, when groups of local farmers and businessmen came together to provide banking services for communities in the Shenandoah Valley. The bank now has branches throughout Virginia and offers a range of financing options, including auto loans.

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    How do F&M Bank auto loans work?

    F&M doesn’t disclose its auto loan interest rates, however, it claims that flexible terms are available and will be dependent on credit checks. Repayment periods can be up to 84 months.

    Credit score

    The minimum required credit score isn’t stated by F&M, only that approval for auto loans is dependent on passing a credit check. You might want to confirm with F&M that your application won’t result in a hard pull on your credit score, which could have a detrimental effect on your rating.

    How Much Can You Borrow?

    Maximum and minimum borrowing amounts aren’t listed on the F&M website.

    Each application will be considered on its individual merits, and criteria such as the age of the car, length of the loan and your credit score will all be taken into account when deciding how much you can borrow.

    What types of vehicles are eligible for financing?

    You can take out loans for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

    How do I qualify?

    While anyone may apply for an auto loan, you must select which local branch in Virginia will process your application.

    This will be the branch you’ll send any documentation to and arrange repayments with. 

    What documents do I need?

    F&M doesn’t list any compulsory documents.

    Generally, applications for auto loans require at least one form of photo ID, like a passport, and proof of address and income.

    What are the fees?

    No fees are listed on the F&M website. Any origination or late fees will be made clear before you accept the loan, so make sure you read all contract clauses before signing.

    How long does the loan process take?

    The online application goes into a little more detail than other auto loan applications, but should still only take around 20 minutes to complete.

    F&M doesn’t disclose how long it might take for the money to be in your account, though.

    How to apply for an auto loan?

    You can apply online or make an appointment in-branch.

    What payment methods are supported?

    You can have payments deducted regularly from your bank account, pay via credit card, or mail-in checks.

    Pros and Cons


    • You can apply directly for your loan via a number of partner car dealerships across Virginia
    • Multiple repayment options available


    • Very limited information available before you apply
    • Your loan might be difficult to manage if you live outside of Virginia

    Is F&M Bank right for you?

    While anyone may apply for an F&M auto loan, the service is definitely geared towards those living in Virginia, in particular, the Shenandoah Valley region.

    Your loan will be tied to a branch in the area, so it might be difficult to resolve any issues if you don’t live close by.

    You might be better starting out with a loan provider like Carvana. It has a range of interest rates on offer and welcomes those with bad credit.

    The process is also very transparent, and you’ll get an idea of what you’ll pay before you apply.