California Credit Union

In 1933, California Credit Union was created due to a need to provide reliable and convenient financial services to teachers and others in the education community. Almost a decade later, North Island Credit Union made a name for itself by providing banking resources to military and civil service personnel.

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    Today the two have joined forces and provide financial aid to Californians throughout the state.

    How do California Credit Union auto loans work?

    The California Credit Union offers some appealing rates on auto loans, with its lowest starting at 2.89%.

    Higher rates are given to those who take a longer-term loan or have a poor credit rating.

    Credit score

    You can only achieve the lowest rates at CCU if you’ve got an ‘excellent’ credit rating (the site doesn’t state what score this is), and anything else will start to raise your interest rates.

    How much can you borrow?

    You’re able to take a loan for the entire asking price of your desired vehicle.

    What types of vehicles are eligible for financing?

    The best auto loans listed on the site can be used to cover most road vehicles, but not motorcycles or boats.

    How do I qualify?

    Becoming a member is simple, you must just pass one of these eligibility requirements:

    • You must live or work in San Diego, Riverside or Orange County, CA, or
    • Live in California and be one of the following:
      • Los Angeles Unified School District Employee  
      • Los Angeles County Office of Education Employee
      • Retired Educator 
      • Charter School Employee 
      • College / University Employee 
      • Private School Employee 
      • Alumni Association Member 
      • Parent Teacher Association Member
    • Have a family member that is a Credit Union member.

    What documents do I need?

    All the site tells you to prepare before applying is your social security number and your driver’s license. 

    What are the fees?

    It doesn’t seem that there are any late payment fees, although this is always worth asking about.

    There’s a small $10 fee if you’d like to make a payment over the phone.

    How long does the loan process take?

    Supposedly after your application is accepted, it’ll take around one week to receive your money.

    How to apply for an auto loan?

    You can apply for the loan online without much effort, or on the phone, or even in person.

    What payment methods are supported?

    There are several ways that you can pay, such as bank transfer or card online, cash in the branch, or on the telephone, although this will incur a small charge.

    Pros and Cons


    • Very reasonable rates if your credit score is high
    • There are many ways to contact CCU


    • Membership only applies to a small group

    Is California Credit Union right for you?

    The California Credit Union seems like a respectable organization that could well be right for you, as it offers attractive rates, good coverage, and decent customer support.

    The problem for many people will be that you can’t apply due to living outside the catchment area.

    If this is the case, open your eyes to the Open Road lending service.

    It has some appealing features and good deals, but most importantly, it caters to a much larger part of the country.