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    5 Effective Ways To Get Out Of A Car Lease Early


    Terminating a car lease before the agreed term can turn out to be an expensive decision if you don’t do it correctly. In most cases, you’ll be asked to pay a penalty for terminating your contract before the term ends. However, there are other alternatives that you can try in order to get out of the leasing agreement. 

    Read on to learn how to end your car lease early.

    Apply For A Lease Transfer

    One of the easiest options to get out of a car lease is to try and transfer it to someone else. There are a number of third party options that can help you in doing this. 

    Even though you’ll be transferring the contract to another person who has agreed upon to take it, you might still be liable if the person doesn’t pay. To make it easier for the new buyer, you can pay a transfer fee that’ll help lower down the monthly amount that the new owner has to pay. 

    Request An Early Lease Termination

    Though this option isn’t a very preferable one, you can request an early lease termination of your vehicle. This is a process where the leasing company will release you from the leasing contract and you won’t have to pay the remaining amount. 

    However, you end up paying a number of other amounts such as penalties, disposal fees, and so forth. This will make it even more expensive for you. Moreover, the earlier you terminate the leasing agreement, the higher the settlement amount will be. 

    Trade-In Or Sell The Car

    The next thing you can do is sell off the car. There are a number of people who may be willing to buy a vehicle from a leasing company. Since the leasing company has ownership of the car until the end of the lease period, you’ll need to directly talk to the leasing company about the vehicle’s buyout amount and the depreciation cost. 

    Be aware that you’ll also have to make a payment for an early termination that can range between $200 and $500, depending on factors such as the remaining contract, the down payment made, and so on. If you had made a higher down payment initially, there are chances that you’ll only have to pay the minimum fees.

    Consider Lease Buyout

    A number of people are also considering the option of buyouts in order to get out of the leasing obligation early. In this situation, you can buy out the lease from the leasing company. This simply means paying off the remaining amount as a whole. 

    After this, you can sell off the vehicle to recover the total amount that you have paid to the leasing company. For this option to be worth it, make sure you do the proper research. Compare the market value of the vehicle and other factors before deciding on this route. 

    Discuss Other Options With The Leasing Company

    The above-mentioned are some of the most common ways through which you can get out of the leasing contract early. However, if you think that none of these ways suit you, you can talk to your leasing company to figure out additional options. Thoroughly talk with them so you can learn the pros and cons of what they’re offering. 

    When Should You Consider Getting Out Of A Car Loan Early?

    There can be a number of times when you may realize that you no longer require a vehicle. It’s important to make this decision at the right time so you don’t end up paying off a higher amount to get out of the car lease.

    Though you may have a valid reason to get out of a contract, it isn't always a great idea to go for the termination option. Look for other ways to get out of it first. Lastly, consider the additional expenses and evaluate if it’s cheaper to keep leasing the vehicle. 

    Bottom Line

    Getting out of a car lease is entirely your decision. Although, if you don’t do it right, you’ll have to settle for unnecessary expenses. While terminating the agreement with the leasing company can be the most expensive option, other options can also incur a cost if you haven’t done the right research.