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    New Cars With Low Monthly Payments

    For most car buyers, everything boils down to one thing: the price of the car.

    A lot of buyers spend an enormous amount of time comparing car options for the best rates and offers.

    According to market survey reports, Americans on an average consider buying a car that costs them approximately $300 per month in installments.

    We did the research and here are some amazing cars that not only fall within your budget, but also have generous manufacturer incentives.

    Please note that the costs are estimated assuming you agree to at least a 10% down payment and have a good credit score.

    The average repayment term that we have considered is 3-6 years.

    The costs will vary based on your location and the dealership or the lender, so make sure to research and compare the offered rates before jumping to buy a car.

    Besides, accessing the best rates and terms largely depends on your credit score.

    1. Nissan Versa [2020 Model]

    The monthly payment on this newer model ranges from $231 per month to $275 per month with a repayment term of 3 to 6 years.

    The 2020 Nissan Versa features a redesigned exterior that looks comparable to an Altima.

    The car boasts advanced safety features including the standard automatic emergency braking, Xtronic CTV, NissanConnect, Blind Spot warning, Nissan Intelligent Key, and more.

    The manufacturer is also offering an additional $1000 in savings - $500 bonus cash and $500 as cashback.

    2. 2020 Honda Accord

    With an average monthly payment starting from $249 per month, the 2020 Honda Accord is another value-added option to consider.

    It is potentially the most impressive family sedan offering amazing features like lane assist, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, multiple transmission choices, and a lot more.

    3. 2020 Toyota Camry

    Starting at $259 per month, the Toyota Camry is the smoothest car when it comes to handling.

    Besides this attribute, the car looks great driving down the road.

    It features all the standard driving assistance technology, forward-collision warning, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and more.

    This new model is one of the strongest contenders in the family-sedan car segment.

    4. 2020 Subaru Outback

    If you're looking for a vehicle that comes with plenty of space, the 2020 Subaru Outback is a stellar option.

    It is the perfect vehicle for families who want to go on long trips given it has more than 32 cubic feet of cargo space behind its passenger seat.

    Also, the SUV features 8.7 inches of ground clearance and all-wheel drive, so it has the perfect grip across varied payment and trail types.

    Monthly installments start at $259 per month.

    5. 2020 Mazda CX-30

    The 2020 Mazda CX-30 starts at a monthly payment as low as $252 per month.

    It offers more cargo space and engine power than the other version CX-3. The car comes packed with standard technology which is very impressive including driver-assistance and full-fledged connectivity.

    Additionally, Mazda has added the 2.5L 4X-cylinder with 186 HP and 6-speed auto transmission.

    You’ll love the well-crafted interiors and the voluminous spacing between seats.

    6. 2020 Kia Rio

    Other than the $1000 cash incentive, Kia is offering an APR of 0.9% for 60 months.

    Prices for the Rio model starts at $266 per month.

    The 2020 Kia Rio combines luxury features with an affordable price when you choose between a hatchback and a sedan.

    It also features a sleek interior with enough leg room in front considering the small size of the car.

    You won’t get the driver-assistance technology, but it comes with the automated emergency braking and forward-collision warning assistance features.

    7. 2020 Hyundai Veloster

    Starting at $248 per month, this is the updated current-generation version that Hyundai has rolled out for the second year.

    This compact car is affordably priced and stands out with the additional door (there’s a third passenger door).

    It features decent performance with the perfect blend of responsiveness and comfort.

    The turbocharged engine, one of the prime traits of Hyundai, delivers excellent handling and power.

    What Next?

    If you want to drive a new car and are looking on manageable monthly payments, the best thing to do is the research.

    Filter down your requirements by model and type, then compare the rates dealers offer.

    Also, remember that you can negotiate for lower rates given that most dealers are open to negotiation.

    However, you can only do it if you’ve already received multiple quotes from non-dealer lenders.

    We also recommend that you double-check your credit score, the required documents, and all other eligibility criteria because all of this information will be required for quicker approvals and the best rates.