About us

Hi, my name is Gary Weiner and I welcome you to Best Auto Loans, a great place for info about one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make.

Gary Weiner

For over forty years I worked in all facets of the business world. Doing so, gave me unique experiences and insights into several areas that many others never get and I developed a wide range of expertise.

Having all these years of experience and understanding of the “business” of spending and saving money is the reason I can help you to do better with your financial matters.

When it comes to understanding loans, during my time in retail banking in the late 1990’s, I helped develop the “in-store” retail bank for Wachovia Bank (now a part of Wells Fargo Bank).

While working with the bank, I performed an important role in all of the important profit centers such as adding on new and multiple accounts, fee structure, and the significance of all of the consumer loans including auto loans which of course can be generators of huge profits for the bank.

I am now using that specific knowledge here at BestAutoLoans.com to help you find and use the resources best for you and what you need.

My business experience spans decades. I started out as a trainee at R.H. Macy’s where I did everything you can do in retailing from buying and selling for them, to eventually managing a 230,000 square foot retail department store unit. Later on after I left Macy’s, I became the Chief Operating Officer of a 12-store specialty retail chain.

After my retail management career ended, I became a financial consultant and then a retail consultant working with some of the largest supermarket chains here in the northeast USA. That was where I worked with the biggest companies in a most relevant area of our daily lives, supermarket shopping. 

Now, in my retirement, I have used my experience to provide information, educate, and advise others about shopping and “all things financial”. To do it, several years ago, I created a blog, Super Saving Tips, which has a very large following after six years online.

I am a shopper, born and bred, and I enjoy the challenge of finding the best deals at the best prices and I love to save money. That is certainly more of a challenge today than ever before.

Today your shopping experiences are more plentiful, more diverse, more glamorized and yes, more deceptive than at any time you have ever experienced. Most of us need to be very careful whenever we spend our money and we need to save and get the best terms we can get when we take out any loan. 

If you are like most of us, you need to be a smarter shopper and know about the “dangers” of making poor financial decisions without careful planning and avoiding the pitfalls of making a serious mistake.

Loans can be very tricky and being aware of all the small print and knowing the difference between getting a great deal from a bad deal one can be the difference between financial successes or a financial failure. Once you sign on the dotted line, you have very few options if you aren’t happy with a deal.

When you know and understand the rules you are able to save more money, and feel really good about it when you do!

When I’m not busy writing about and saving money, I am a husband and father of two grown children. I love baseball, all kinds of music, and am a big fan of classic movies, too. I live with my wife in New Jersey.